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Visualizing the Environment

The role of images is rapidly changing in the age of digitization, social media and mass dissemination. What makes some images convincing and others banal? How can we visualize environmental issues such as climate change that are often abstract and insidious? And how can images convey not just scientific concepts and improve environmental literacy, but also evoke an environmental ethic?
These questions and more will be actively explored in the context of participants own interests in environmental photography and the environment more generally.

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Photographic images shape perceptions and the ways in which we understand the environment. This highly interactive workshop explores a wide range of environmental themes through an illustrated seminar, active discussion, image critique, demonstration of techniques and a practical field trip. It goes beyond the literal representations of 'nature photography' to address the thought processes behind creating compelling and meaningful images and visual stories.

  • Alison Pouliot, BA (Philosophy/Literature), BSc Hons (Zoology), PhD (Ecology).

Please bring with you
Participants will require their own cameras and are advised to bring additional batteries and/or charger and instruction manual if required. Participants are asked to wear appropriate clothing and sturdy footwear for the field trip, which will go ahead regardless of weather.


The workshop assists participants 
  • to improve the impact and interpretative power of their images 
  • to explore the visual tensions between aesthetics, ecology and conservation
  • to tell compelling visual stories
Target group
The workshop is suitable for people with all levels of environmental knowledge and photo-graphic skill (although participants would be expected to have a basic understanding of camera operation). The workshop could be of particular interest to those working or studying in the fields of environmental science, conservation, land rehabilitation, park management, water industry, biodiversity management or anyone who has a need to produce or manage images relating to environmental themes.

  • Demonstration of techniques
  • Image critique
  • Creating visual stories
  • Practical field trip

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Kathrin Schlup

Kathrin Schlup


Désirée Huguelit

Désirée Huguelit


Speaker Alison Pouliot

I am an ecologist and environmental photographer and have presented over 500 environmental photography and ecology workshops, forays and seminars in Australia and internationally. I greatly enjoy working with people from all walks of life to better understand and appreciate the environment and environmental issues and to represent them visually. More information can be found at or a resume can be provided on request.